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Personal Breakthrough Experience

‘Your task is not to seek love (or anything else), but merely to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’ – Rumi

Why do we seek things on the outside? Why do we live in a prison when the doors are wide open? Why do we create the same patterns over and over again?

The Personal Breakthrough Experience is a 4 -5 hr session where we breakthrough every single barrier in your life. It is working with the Unconscious Mind digging deep and letting go of limitations we have placed on ourselves.

An experience where you will find truth, freedom and greatness. There is nothing like it!

1 x 1hr Coffee, 1 x 5hr Breakthrough session, 1 x 1hr Follow up session. 

Personal Breakthrough Experience Process:

  • Establish goals and outcomes for The Breakthrough
  • Clearing out our ‘black bags’
  • Teaching understanding of True Self
  • Understanding the WHY in every situation
  • Equilibrium – Benefits and drawbacks
  • Illicit and heirarchy personal life values
  • Releasing negative emotions – Anger, Fear, Hurt, Sadness, Guilt and Resentment
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs that hold us back, and replacing them with new empowering beliefs
  • Afformations – Creating the future


  • Discover who you are and what really inspires you
  • Set and achieve powerful life-changing, pro-active goals
  • Create the life and career you want
  • Unleash the power within you to accomplish more than you ever believed possible

The Greatness Journey

‘You were made on purpose with a purpose to manifest that purpose through you.’ – William Baden

We all have a journey, we all have a path. A ‘True North’ within that we need to follow. Day in, day out. We have a responsibility to ourselves to live a GREAT life filled with purpose.

There are 2 things that all people crave and need:

  1. To be loved and appreciated for who they truly are (with no judgement).
  2. For someone to believe in them and when the sh*t hits the fan, to have their back.

With 14 years experience in assisting people on their path to manifest their purpose and destiny, William is your man.

The Greatness Journey Process:

  • 12 months of continuous coaching
  • Outcome based
  • All areas – Career, Finance, Health & Fitness, Relationship, Family, Social, Personal and Spiritual
  • Accountability
  • 1 x 1hr 1/2 one-on-one session
  • 1 x facetime/skype call
  • Unlimited whatsapp and phone call communication
  • 24hr support


  • Clarity and direction
  • Tasks and daily exercises to propel you into your destiny
  • 24hr on call Coach
  • Taking charge of every area of your life
  • Living the GREAT life and making dreams a reality