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PLEASE NOTE: Life Coach Certification is a pre-requisite in order to qualify for the Master Life Coach Certification

The Master Life Coach Certification includes Time Line Therapy® which applies a therapeutic process to the concept that we store our memories in a linear manner in an internal memory storage system, Metaphysical Science which is abstract concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time, and space, Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics in relation to matter and energy, Values, modules from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) being the most practical, results-oriented technology for detecting, understanding and getting in control of our conscious and unconscious thinking, and the practical application of The Personal Breakthrough Experience. We will show you how to use this for yourself and with others, individually, and as a Master Coach.

It is clear that coaching has taken the world by storm and is now considered to be one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. This certification is recognized by the Time Line Therapy Association® (TLTA), the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), NLP Coaches and COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)


When you become a Master Life Coach with us you will be able to utilise Time Line Therapy®, Metaphysical Science, Quantum Physics and Mechanics, NLP and NLP COACHING applications in:

  • Business and Personal Coaching
  • All modes of Business including Sales and Communication
  • Learning and Educational Coaching
  • Creating Change and Growth on a Personal Level
  • Therapy and Relationship Coaching


This training meets the standards of the Time Line Therapy Association (TLTA), the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), the American Board of NLP Coaches and COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) – so your certification has worldwide recognition. 


Once you have completed this training you will receive 4 certifications:

  1. Master Life Coaching Coach Certification
  2. Time Line Therapy Practitioner Certification
  3. Values Coaching Certification
  4. Personal Breakthrough Experience Certification


Our unique process consists of a weekend workshop split over 2 days covering theory in Day 1 and completing an actual Personal Breakthrough Experience in Day 2.


  1. Time Line Therapy® – TLT

You will learn techniques that give you unique and powerful tools for creating lasting change in business, education, personal growth, and therapy. Quantum Physics is a key component used in Time Line Therapy®.

  1. Metaphysical Science

You will learn to identify why things happen ‘to’ you and the steps to take to minimize the impact on your life.

You will learn to understand how to keep yourself in Equilibrium ensuring that you’re in a place of Love and Gratitude.

  1. Values Coaching

You learn:

  • What are values?
  • Why are values crucially important
  • Eliciting values
  • Understanding the expectations of each value
  • Prioritising of values
  • Building an empowering hierarchy of values in each area of life
  1. Life Coach Certification and Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP

Life Coach Certification and NLP Practitioner Coaching is a pre-requisite for Master Life Coach Certification. 

  1. The Personal Breakthrough Experience

When conducting your Personal Breakthrough Experience you will be covering the following:

  • Establish Rapport
  • Take a Detailed Personal History
  • Determine Cause & Effect
  • Establish Models
  • Elicit Values
  • Determine that the client is willing to play at 100%
  • Set Frames (Outcomes/Coaching/Requisites for Change)
  • Delete Negative Emotions
  • Delete Limiting Decisions
  • Do Parts Integration if necessary
  • Evidence Procedure
  • Check Ecology
  • Set future Goals
  • Assign Tasks
  • Schedule follow-up session/s

Certification is done through Global Strengths at Pretoria, Gauteng.


  • Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 August 2021

  • Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 September 2021


R5997 – Includes File, Practical weekend & Certification