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Obsessed with Greatness

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Obsessed with Greatness

So many people settle for a ‘good life’. Why? Because we are conditioned through society, our parents, and even people closest to us.

In this Keynote, William explores the reasons why we are stuck, why we settle for second best and why we are scared to go all in on ourselves and take the leap of faith to live a ‘great life’.

There is a strategy behind greatness which William will guide you through so that you will not only understand the process, but also apply it in your life. 

Greatness does not discriminate, it is there for everyone and anyone willing to pursue it and become it.

Let’s become obsessed with living the life we all deserve. Let’s become obsessed with greatness.

Kings and Queens - Building an Empire

Who wouldn’t love to have a great relationship? One where you fall in love and stay in love for the end of days?  Is a great relationship possible? Absolutely! You don’t have to settle for good. you don’t have to become one of the statistics where it is just good. You can have a relationship filled with joy, fun, laughter and love. 

This Keynote was inspired by Kings and Queens. An era of Kingdoms and Empires. An era of courage and empathy.

What you will learn is that both partners have their own kingdoms, yet one empire. The rules surrounding the kingdoms, the empire and how to negotiate and communicate within them. Each have different values and different styles and how you successfully bring wholeness and unity, making you a force to be reckoned with. A Power Couple of note!

Lose your Mind

In order for you to be successful, you will have to lose your mind! Forget everything you ever knew or know about human behaviour.

This Keynote is all about why people do what they do, how they do it and how we as humans are programmed. We all have strategies, beliefs, values and certain other things that creates our internal representation. The ‘picture’ we operate from, judge from, act from. Most people only look at behaviour and try and change or fix that, but behaviour is only a result of our internal representation.

Everyday we work with humans, with people. We do business, build relationships and we even go into contracts and agreements with them. So if we deal with humans everyday, why not become a human behavioural specialist?

Lose your mind, gain knowledge and understanding of people and then have the wisdom to act on it.

Living with an Attitude of Gratitude

Here’s a question… What if you only woke up this morning with the things that you were grateful for last night? Scary right? Most people would have woken up with nothing!

In this Keynote, William explains the true meaning of gratitude and how it impacts your life. He will bust the myth of ‘I just want to be happy’ and show you how that is impossible and an unrealistic fantasy. He will also explain why so many people are dissatisfied with their lives and why so many are actually depressed. 

When living with an attitude of gratitude it will not only affect the way you think, act and manifest; but will also impact every area of your life. Gratitude will affect and impact your career, finances, relationships and your love relationship.