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Personal Breakthrough Experience

‘Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.’ – Richard Branson

Being unproductive and not producing results are mostly NOT based on a lack of skill! 80% of the time it is because we are facing challenges at home, in our personal life, financially and from a health perspective.

The Personal Breakthrough Experience is a 4 -5 hr session where we breakthrough every single barrier that is holding you back in your business or career. It is working with the Unconscious Mind digging deep and letting go of limitations we have placed on ourselves.

1 x 1hr Chemistry session, 1 x 5hr Breakthrough session, 1 x 1hr Follow up session, 1 x 1hr Career application session.

Personal Breakthrough Experience Process:

  • Establish goals and outcomes for The Breakthrough
  • Clearing out our ‘black bags’
  • Teaching understanding of True Self
  • Understanding the WHY in every situation
  • Equilibrium – Benefits and drawbacks
  • Illicit and heirarchy personal life & career values
  • Releasing negative emotions – Anger, Fear, Hurt, Sadness, Guilt and Resentment
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs that hold us back, and replacing them with new empowering beliefs
  • Afformations – Creating the future


  • Discover who you are and what really inspires you
  • Set and achieve powerful life-changing, pro-active goals
  • Create the career you want
  • Unleash the power within you to accomplish more than you ever believed possible

Values in the Work Space

‘Our values are our unconscious decision makers – our inner drivers.’ – William Baden

Values Training is our signature offering for corporates. Each individual working for a corporate has a hierarchy of values in the area of life and career.  Our values are what drive us on an unconscious level – our inner driving forces.

When we do things that are high on our hierarchy of values we have inspiration. When we do things that are low on our hierarchy of values, we need motivation. Inspiration comes from within whilst motivation is an outside force. Motivation does NOT last! That is why some people need constant motivation. Sound familiar? Where do you think procrastination comes from?

When we link our lower values to our highest values we will have inspiration to do the things we normally procrastinate doing. This is a major advantage for any company. The ultimate benefit of aligning individual values with company values, is a grateful, cohesive, driven and inspired team – with a common goal.

Topics covered under Values include:

•    Understanding values
•    Elicit personal values
•    Elicit career values
•    Link company values to personal values
•    Learn how to communicate in others’ values

The Good to Great Journey

‘Good is the enemy of Great’ – William Baden

Most people believe that average is the enemy of great. It’s not. Good is the enemy of great. If you’re business is not doing great, you are in trouble. 

Think about it, every great company, every great team, every great entrepreneur has a coach. Even the top sports people in the world all have coaches. So what does a coach do? A coach is there to walk a journey with you. To give new fresh perspective and and make options available that we would normally not see because we are “in it” Sometimes we are just too associated in our business.

The Good to Great Journey is a retainer based program tailor-made for your business or corporate needs. 

The Journey Benefits:

  • Certain amount of coaching hours per month dedicated to your business.
  • Strategy
  • Sales
  • Conflict resolution
  • Employee wellness
  • Management coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Coaching support
  • Results based outcomes