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William Baden

‘You don’t attract what you want or need, you attract what you ARE.’ – William Baden

Human Behavioral Specialist & Mental Wellness Coach.

True-self is the foundation of William’s message. Beliefs create results and William has a firm understanding of what it means to break through barriers within, overcome disempowering beliefs and perceptions whilst staying committed to create a great life.

Work with Us

Private Clients

Due to time and demand, William only selects a few Private Clients a year, with whom he work with on a one-on-one basis.
Join the journey with those that are obsessed with greatness.

Corporate / Business

Business is not just about results. It is about relationships. Relationships with staff, clients and suppliers.
In order for you to grow your business, the first step is to start investing in your relationships.

Key Notes

Tired of the same old motivational rah rah's? Are you looking to be inspired at your next corporate event or function?
Book William to drop some "truth" and propel you into an epic future.

Corporate / Business
Inspired Audience Members
Years Experience


William has been a crucial parts of various aspects of our business since 2017. With a ability to "connect the dots" where other's vision and mindset may be limited, we have seen a direct impact on our staff morale and increase in sales of our brands.There is greatness in each and everyone and through a unique style of teaching and adjustments of the mind we can all achieve success. He has added more value in everything and I am blessed to have him in my life.
Damon Santillan
DS International, PharmaFreak, Grenade
Since 2012 I have used William to help transform thinking in our business. He has coached and trained on all levels throughout the company. I believe the process and principles are sound and what I really appreciate is that it does not take months to see a shift, it happens instantaneously. If a person is ready for a change, the "magic" happens right there and then. Definitely worth the investment. I would recommend William to any company to work with.
Zelda Wagner
HR Manager, BankServAfrica
In my sport, the mental game is massive. William helped me realize that the talent within me is God given and I have everything I need to succeed. God never puts a dream in your mind without equipping you to reach it. William helped me get out of my own way. He is very contagious to work with and the energy and passion he brings in every session makes it feel like you can conquer the world. Best of all, the support I got was priceless.
Dwaine Pretorius
Protea Cricket Player
I have had the privilege of watching William live on stage on numerous occasions. His ability to not only connect with the audience but to connect with them on a personal level is outstanding. William is always well prepared and his easy relaxed approach resonates with his audience. But most importantly he is genuine. He has a strong, truthful and inspirational message. If you are looking for an MC, Speaker or coach I cannot recommend William enough.
Sven Schafer
Success Resources
I was close to burnout due to my hectic daily routine. I decided to do a Breakthrough Experience as I was in need of serious changes in my life. What a fantastic experience!! It did everything I was seeking, and really changed the way I experience my life, giving me the lift I so desperately needed, as well as the tools to change the way I encounter the many aspects of my existence. I truly believe everyone should experience it! It definitely have my approval.
Dr Amanda Agathagelou
William is absolutely incredible. He has knowledge on human behaviour and psychology that will blow your mind. Although my expectation was from a personal effect, it has actually had an amazing effect on my business duties and responsibilities. Once understanding the power of the mind, we actually can live the dream. Since One Call Insurance I have now stepped into the role of entrepreneur owning my own business helping others to succeed.
Chris Vermeulen
CEO, One Call Insurance, Rubiks Resolved
I needed support in providing one of my strategic telecommunications client’s sales, account and product management teams with Sales and Personal Mastery training. William packaged the learning into 6 high-impact, practical modules. My client was incredibly impressed with the quality and personal investment offered by William in the learning solution. Naturally, I felt proud to offer his skills within the Change-Worx resourcing.
Liza Clay
CEO, Change Worx

Workshops and certifications

Kings and Queens

  • The truth about GREAT relationships and how you can have one.
  • Kingdoms and Empires.
  • Roles and Values

Life Coach


  • Internationally recognized
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Coach

Master Life Coach


  • Time Line Therapy
  • Values
  • Equilibrium
  • How to do a Personal Breakthrough Experience